technology for new-found revenue

Every SIRIUS component has been designed to maximize your quality, performance, sustainability, application range and total cost of ownership.

Meet our SIRIUS technology

Referring to the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky, SIRIUS has helped various cultures throughout history to set course and to navigate.

Just like SIRIUS, this new technology platform will lead the way towards a profitable business in Graphic Arts by offering suprior print quality levels at market leading speeds, combined with a compelling TCO.

Built along 4 major axes, this platform pushes the boundaries of Graphic Arts Printing.

SIRIUS imaging

Offset printing quality with the highest resolution on the market.

SIRIUS toner

Unequalled sustainability, quality and color vibrancy.

SIRIUS print media conditioning

Best-in-class substrate versatility without the need for coatings, primers or special papers.


Balanced power and efficiency for superior quality at high speeds.