SX30000 & SX20000

XEIKON unwinder
SIRIUS platform
SIRIUS Print Media Conditioning (PMC)
SIRIUS Imaging technology
Quality Measurement Module (QMM)
Web Finishing Module (WFM)
XEIKON rewinder

Core technology components

1. XEIKON unwinder

New generation jumbo unwinder with full connectivity and workflow integration for optimal planning and automation.

2. SIRIUS platform

New SIRIUS platform. Ground-breaking 5th generation dry toner single-pass-duplex platform. Robust base built for endurance, user friendliness, connectivity and serviceability.

3. SIRIUS Print Media Conditioning (PMC)
  • New print media conditioning module (PMC) delivering consistent high speeds
  • Substrate versatility (silk or gloss coated, uncoated, offset papers thin and heavy grammages)
  • Uniform print quality throughout the reel
  • Fast startup and reduced waste
4. SIRIUS Imaging technology
  • XEIKON LED array watercooled imaging heads
  • 1200dpi 4bps native resolution yielding 1200x3600dpi, 21µm dot size
  • Print station designed max operating at 30m/min delivering 404ppm (A4) / 426ppm (US letter) or 2,545 B2 sheets 4/4
  • Single pass duplex, full rotary, variable repeat length, no fixed frame or sheet size
  • 508mm / 20.3” imaging width: fastest B2 format press
  • New generation developer unit guaranteeing supreme color consistency and density at high coverages
5. SIRIUS Toner
  • Special charging characteristics for high speed printing
  • Enhanced fusing properties
  • No VOCs or imaging oils
  • Fully recyclable and deinkable prints
  • No substrate pretreatment such as coating or priming
  • Available in CMYK, white and spot colors.
6. SIRIUS EkoFuse
  • No water or oil evaporation
  • Efficient energy consumption
  • Substrate versatility
  • High speed targeted and uniform fusing
  • Ultra quick startup for waste reduction
  • Patented cross-flow cooling drum for uniform cooling substrate and superior print quality
7. Quality Measurement Module (QMM)

Closed loop quality management system based on onboard spectrophotometers and registration cameras ensuring superb output consistency and reproduceability.

8. Web Finishing Module (WFM)

Improves scratch and scuff resistance of the print and eliminates static charges for problem free finishing.

9. XEIKON rewinder

New generation jumbo rewinder with full connectivity and workflow integration for optimal planning and automation.